Author: HHS Solutions

Therapy Billing can be a tedious task, especially with the reduction in multiple procedure rules and the Medicare sequestration. At HHS Solutions we track and follow each patient as they utilize the therapies provided to them to ensure they do no overreach the maximum allotted therapy units designated by their insurance payer. With our electronic […]

With Assisted Living Facilities there are different rules that do not typically fall into an “inpatient” type of bill. Assisted living facilities usually utilize payer types such as Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, VA and Private Pay. At HHS Solutions, we are able to bill each type of payer and invoice out for self funded residents. Patient […]

We start by entering the patient demographics into our database which allows our clinic specialists to create superbill’s for each patient. Once a superbill has been completed HHS Solutions will code and transmit those services to the corresponding payer(s) those patients may have. Once the claims are complete and paid, we then post payments to […]

At HHS Solutions we help your skilled nursing facility to get the maximum reimbursement for the services you provide. We start by taking the patient demographics, MDS information and any ancillary services the patient may have had and create a bill specifically for that patient and transmit this information to Medicare to ensure your claims […]

As most of you know, Medicare implemented a 2% reduction to all provider payments as of April 1, 2013. Currently this cut is in full effect across the board to all Medicare certified healthcare providers. What this means to your facility is that any services that are billed to Medicare on or after April 1, […]

As our elder population continues to grow, so does the need for longterm care for our senior citizens. Many seniors, along with their families and caregivers, are finding it harder to afford the continuous care they require. If your loved one is having a difficult time paying privately for their short-term care or longterm care […]

We review all facility data to ensure they are getting the most money for the services provided to their community. We make sure that all claims have processed correctly and mediate for claims that process out of order from previous billings. We take pride in giving excellent customer service and working with our clients on […]